Emote Design
Emotes are animation sequences for avatars’ skeleton bones.

MEW is specialized in creating high quality emote from ordinary video. With its proprietary mocap technology, every nuance of motion, personality, and expression from a shiny moment are extracted ready to be used and traded in metaverse.

It is on a mission to empower motion creators and revolutionize the way they're recognized and rewarded for their talents.

Our vision is to build the world's largest motion catalog with the official endorsement of creators, providing a one-stop shop for game companies, metaverse platforms, and other digital creative universes to offer premium move-specific content that adds more life and personality to their avatars.

With MEW, the world's buzzing motion scene becomes an economy where every creator is fairly compensated for their moves.


North America


United States

Team Size

Large Studio


English, Spanish

Payment Methods

Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Crypto, PayPal

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