Shark Anthony
Entertainers are experienced performers who use their skills and talent to provide enjoyment.

Shark Anthony is the musical alias of sound designer, Mark Anthony. He's a music producer, rapper, singer, audio engineer, and live electronics artist who studied a BFA in Sound Design at Savannah College of Art & Design! As a musical artist, Shark Anthony has released a variety of original music since 2010. He's been local opening support for touring artists like Afroman, Layzie Bone, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Blueprint, Thievery Corporation, & The Heavy Pets (to name a few). His instrumental productions have landed him work with brands like Nike Football, Spotify, and IBM.

Since 2021, Shark Anthony has embraced the metaverse space, expanding his artistic reach across five different virtual platforms, including Decentraland. Within these virtual realms, he has showcased his talents through original music performances, DJ sets, music video festivals, curated film screenings, & various community-oriented meetups.

Notably, Shark has had the honor of performing on behalf of various renowned entities within Decentraland. These include Vroomway, DCL Babydolls, The Rocking Uniquehorns, Camino Al Mictlan, Metatrekkers, Decentral Games, as well as flagship events hosted by Decentraland itself, such as the Metaverse Music Festival and The Annual Decentraland Birthday Parties.

This extensive involvement in the metaverse demonstrates Shark's commitment to exploring new frontiers in the music industry & actively contributing to immersive virtual experiences for international audiences!


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