Meebits DCL vs IRL
about this project

Developed in collaboration with Meebits General Manager - Danny Greene (Yuga Labs Brand Ambassador). A curated collection of wearable merchandise available to purchase out right or given to holders of minted Meebits.

The concept was to take current NFT designs from the Meebits catalogue and replicate the look of the Meebit for high quality printing via T-Shirt/Hoodie/Cap. A companion NFT was developed and modelled by us for Decentraland essentially giving you both a in-real-life version and the digital NFT wearable to use within Decentraland (Phygital).

The collection was initially 57 unique wearables not including variants.

This project (IRL) is available to view via the Meebits dedicated website: (All visible clothing designs were re-created for print by MentallicDesign LLC)