DigiFun x Mochic
about this project

Mochic is an Independent virtual fashion brand. Digital Fashion is a collision between the physical and virtual worlds. Bringing unexpected modern turns from Eastern silhouettes. DigiFun has collaborated with the brand to integrate his design into Decentraland twice. First, To celebrate pride, Mochic has designed a set of pride wings, and DigiFun made it into a 3D wearable, to give it to everyone in the DCL community, and hosted a pride party at DigiFun Official in DCL. Second, DigiFun has integrated one of his virtual fashion sets into DCL, we called it the 'Snake Armour'. Inspired by Chinese white and blue porcelain. Decorated by hand with blue pigment, which has been produced for over 1,000 years. The red liquid forms from the vase, slowly dripping down to reveal the snake's dress. Red snakes intertwine and form complex armor, which is engraved with Chinese traditional auspicious clouds and dragons. Every individual snake is virtually sculpted and shaped in Blender. Bringing traditional Chinese elements into a modern and chic silhouette.