Art Angels Gallery
about this project

We worked closely with the Art Angels Gallery in Los Angeles to provide an end-to-end delivery for their first meta/physical event. From initial sketches and ideation, we progressed to 3D modelling, animation and programming their gallery space across two parcels.

The ground floor included an interactive receptionist who guided users around the three floors. Furthermore, we created multiple exhibition artworks along with floating and spinning sculptures. These all had outbound links to the real artworks for purchase, allowing users in the actual gallery and in Decentraland the chance to purchase the unique art.

The first floor included a collaboration with SuperRare and hosted several NFT artworks with live links to purchase and the second floor provided guests an animated barman to talk to you, grab a drink and then listen to a new set from DJ Gareth Emery.

We made creative use of triggers to manage the high quantity of objects, materials and textures required to make this scene possible with all the different artworks and NFT's. Furthermore this also helped keep the scene load times to a minimum for a greater user experience.

Once deployed and tested we also provided marketing material for the Gallery, transposing the design into Cinema4D for higher resolution advertising images and fly through animations to promote the event.