DigiFun x Yaping Chen
about this project

The design theme is ‘Between’, ‘between’ is versatile, multidimensional, and diverse. The design is mainly reflected in two aspects:

As the ancient saying goes, from a small clue, a fraction there's a big breath. The ‘breathing’ of a dress critically reflects on the connection between human and fabrics, leaving air between body and fabric, focusing on the space between point to point, and the fluidity of the space. Ancient people pursued long and wide sleeves, which formed big breaths, freedom, ease between the body and fabric. Yahji Yamamoto said in an interview “I like to design with space and leeway. This was his interpretation of ‘between’. In modern days, fitting cloth is the aesthetic of ‘between’ produced by people. In structure and between structure, garment function and between structure, human and between structure, in the end is presented by the inner space and outer shape of the clothing, they influence each other, forming an aesthetic relationship between them.

we talk about time and space, are all ‘the ways intervals exists’, perhaps, the emergence of virtual clothing (National ceremonial clothing) could break the spacing, between scenes, between time and space, switching freely between locations