DigiFun x MetaParty Cyberpunk Mask
about this project

The design inspiration comes from the ‘Sanxingdui' in Chinese history. Through design integration, transformation and combining neon lights to emphasize the mask structure. The aim is to connect between tradition and modernity, inheriting the spirit of the game while showing a fun vision of the future.

To combine the western and eastern culture, DigiFun chose to integrate the mahjong element in the design of the mask. Mahjong is a traditional Chinese board game, usually played by four players. In addition to luck, there are many different combinations of mahjong. In comparison to Poker, it is not only about memory and complex probability calculations, but rather focuses on skill and strategy. In order to win, players need to guess the possible tiles of the other three players. Mahjong is an enduring game that allows players to connect emotionally, and it is very popular in Chinese culture, even among Gen Z. Number tiles are one significant element, and the number ‘Five’ has a profound meaning in Chinese culture, such as five elements, five senses. So we choose "Wu Wan", in the middle of the mask.