Taco Bell Metaverse Wedding
about this project

To transform a virtual shell into the experience of a lifetime, we set out to personalize every aspect.

When arriving at our bespoke venue, lanterns made from Taco Bell bags guided guests to a magnificent Taco Bell garden sculpture. Once inside, an elegant ceremony space led on to a reception room filled with custom elements including a giant nacho cheese fountain, a photo booth nestled in the clouds, a multi-flavour Baja Blast station and an extensive Taco Bell wedding menu. We also incorporated traditional Indian customs including Sheel’s Baraat entrance astride a magical elephant and the ceremonial Mandap under which they were officially married, not to mention their unique wedding outfits. And of course, that’s without talking about the suite of wearable NFTs available to the wedding guests or DJ Bell Head and his now legendary ‘Hot Sauce Packet’ dancers.

We developed numerous bespoke programming solutions, whether that was to allow certain avatars to teleport to different locations or to separate invited guests and Decentraland spectators into different realms. But even once the experience was built, we still had to manage a live-broadcast event in real time, from levitating the couple into their own private space in the sky to say their vows through to triggering their first dance.

Live viewers got to see history in the making - the first metaverse kiss, which we pulled off by creating the first kiss NFT emote!