Future Pants
about this project

It was decided to print these exclusive pants with images related to the most important concepts of web3. Each illustration was treated with great dedication while sharing the process with the community. A doge, an ASIC, chains, blocks that stack on top of each other; These are some of the references that will be part of the future society and will create history.

The main color was black so that we could accentuate all the illustrations with more contrast, at the same time we provided the patterns with light and gradients. The fabric rolled up at the waist was placed not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to have the opportunity to work on the folds and wrinkles that it generates.

The forelegs have a continuous print that we specifically designed so that no union joint was appreciated, at the same time we endowed them with a luminous gradient that offers wide possibilities to be combined with other garments.

See Future Pants here.