Ben Bridge Jeweler
about this project

Ben Bridge is a jeweler based in the U.S with over 30 outlet stores across the states. Verse Digital worked with Ben Bridge to define their Web3 / Metaverse strategy and designed and built the activation in the metaverse. Our goals were to educate the community into the heritage of the brand and to ensure as many players as possible visited the store and remained engaged with the experience during MVFW 2023.

Based upon their flagship store in Seattle. Verse Digital designed and implemented a beautiful experience which felt intuitive with the brand. The aim was to portray Ben Bridge’s mantra as being your personal jeweler and as such you will find Lisa Bridge, President, and CEO behind the Kiosk, serving customers. Gamification played a big part of the design with engaging quests, treasure hunts, quizzes, and airdrops to keep players active in scene.

Verse Digital’s experience in game design and development led Ben Bridge to outstanding results and was declared “the breakout success of MVFW by Vogue Business. This was down to the 47,695 minutes of time spent in scene whereby brands such as DKNY, Adidas and Coach etc, with far larger global reputations, were placed in the low 30,000’s of minutes by comparison.

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