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DJ sets performance for your event, customize it with unique visuals featuring your logos or video clips, choose from different language options for custom announcements in English, Spanish, Italian, or all of them, select from a variety of sets and shows I offer, plan all aspects of your event, including type, special giveaways, contests, and guest activities.

Connect directly with me to ensure your event meets your expectations. Obtain my official images and logos for your flyers and event promotions. I will actively promote your event on social media and my Discord community server in the days leading up to it. Enjoy the option for a recorded show (delivered before the event date) and a sound/video check session (estimated 1 hour) before the live event.

Key considerations: Larger events over one hour are possible and we can work on it! Event details, including date, can be changed with a minimum notice of 4 days. Late changes to visuals or timing may not be honored, depending on my availability. For recorded shows, advance planning is recommended for the best results. The recording will be delivered 1-2 days before the event, giving the host time to upload or set up the venue/server for re-streaming. The price may be adjusted for different types of events (e.g. casual party, promotional, collaboration, birthday), so let me know if it will be a one-time show or multiple replays.

I reserve the right to reject or repurchase the token if full information and intentions regarding the event or project are not disclosed. Part of the revenue from these tokens will be used to improve and update my hardware, providing better and higher quality performances for project hosts and events, live streams, and extra content I create for different platforms.

I am thrilled to be able to continue using and improving my skills as a DJ and performer with this technology. For extra informations and questions please feel free to join the Cyber Café Discord via

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