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A (virtual) world first, Verse Digital is proud to have launched the AI World Fair – a three-day event running from October 25th to 27th 2023. The AI World Fair gathered the brightest minds and freshest companies to discuss the big issues in artificial intelligence.

Visitors and players are exposed to the brands and firms making waves in the space through interactive AI tools, product demonstrations, and insightful keynotes, pitches and panel sessions on the Main Stage.

For sponsors and exhibitors, the AI World Fair was an incredible opportunity to reach potential partners and customers in a unique gamified ecosystem.

Supported by SingularityNET, Nvidia, Twin Protocol, and the AI development platform Inworld, to name just a few of the well known collaborators, event highlights include:

  • Keynote and panel sessions featuring global AI experts, available on-demand
  • Virtual headquarters and booths showcasing AI firms and practitioners
  • Gamification mechanism on each day of the event, including a Learn & Earn initiative rewarding attendance and participation
  • Free airdrops and digital collectibles
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