Automatic Slims
Creative Director
Guides a customer, from initial ideas to final launch to ensure that the project meets the customer's goals.

Automatic Slims is an American Lifestyle Brand focused on brand partnerships designed to activate experiences that connect our Physical and Web3 Virtual Worlds Automatic Slims launched 4 story virtual marketplace in Decentraland, a web 3 Metaverse environment. Why Partner with Automatic Slims? 1) Direct Revenue- Generated from selling any products, good or services to your consumers via NFT coupon unlocking a physical product delivered to them 2) Brand Awareness- Automatic Slims works with marketing team from Decentraland, our VR World platform to promote your products and branded events to their worldwide audience. We use tactics like an event call to action for attendees to take a picture and TW it back to your social handle by offering them a reward of air dropped NFT back to them (Scroll down on our TW page to see examples) 3) Consumer Metadata- Each attendee visiting your virtual event signs into Slims using their unique digital wallets needed to enter the metaverse which logs all of their activity in a public blockchain we help you review and quantify their data and analytics


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