FRAG Games
Wearable Design
3D Modeling skills to produce a wearable under the acceptance criteria of Decentraland's DAO Curators Committee. Such us hats, t-shirts and full-body skins.
3D Modeling
Capable of creating objects and spaces ready to be placed in a Decentraland scene. Such as art galleries, various buildings and parkour courses.
Ability to manage Decentraland’s SDK tool. This allows you to create scenes and manage interaction between elements by writing in Typescript.

100+ team of experts, all working under one roof, making games which inspire gamers. Establlished in 2013, we've collaborated with several partners before like Cartoon Network, Netflix, Nvidia etc. We're proud to be only studio in Pakistan who works in all platforms. Being the pioneer of blockchain since 2016, we've worked on multiple experiences which includes work for Gods Unchained, DopeWarz, JedStar, Ulti Battle Arena etc. From creating a whole metaverse and making a marketplace to writing contracts, we've got the whole process covered. We also take a lot of pride showcasing our game Life In Willowdale, all set to launch in this year on Steam and PS4/5.


Middle East



Team Size

Large Studio



Payment Methods

Wire Transfer, PayPal, Crypto

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