Low Poly Models
3D Modeling
Capable of creating objects and spaces ready to be placed in a Decentraland scene. Such as art galleries, various buildings and parkour courses.
Wearable Design
3D Modeling skills to produce a wearable under the acceptance criteria of Decentraland's DAO Curators Committee. Such us hats, t-shirts and full-body skins.
Ability to manage Decentraland’s SDK tool. This allows you to create scenes and manage interaction between elements by writing in Typescript.
Land Rental
Land owners offering a place to locate your experience in Decentraland's Genesis City.
Emote Design
Emotes are animation sequences for avatars’ skeleton bones.
White-label customizable billboards to display advertisement in different scenes of Genesis City.
Venue Rental
White-label customizable venues to host events. Live-streaming, POAP machines and NFT gated experiences are the main services that every Venue should have available.

Low Poly Models have helped brands such as Alison Wonderland, Async Art, Atari ®, Coca-Cola, CNN Brasil, Eden Reforestation Projects, Fred Segal, Jose Delbo, Known Origin, Maserati, $MEME, Mintbase, NIVA, NonFungible, Playboy, RTFKT, Subnation, SuperRare and $Whale. Low Poly Models specialise in developing high quality custom 3D assets like wearables, NPCs and or gamified scenes in the smallest possible data packages. They have been in Decentraland working closely with the community and The Foundation since early 2019, creating scenes, asset packs and curating wearables via the Curation Committee. The LPM team is very familiar with the ecosystem for wearable approvals, voting and community events. They focus on making graphics load faster to improve the overall experience for both brand and user. Customisation and compaction like this is ideal for open source metaverses like Decentraland.





Team Size

Medium Studio


English, Spanish

Payment Methods

Crypto, Wire Transfer, PayPal

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