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Metagellan is a platform facilitating access to the metaverse dedicated to gallery owners, artists and brands. We offer a wide range of services like purchase, rental and customization of virtual galleries, construction of buildings and immersive experiences, organization of events, creation of wearables and distribution of POAPs... True innovation, our MaaS solution (Metaverse as a Service) allows users to manage the content of their gallery in real time, from a traditional website! Thanks to our mass import tools and our collection management solution (including NFTs), you can deploy and maintain large collections in Decentraland. With Metagellan, you can deploy your projects in a few clicks on our 40 LANDs. Our team can guide you through the creation of your project on your own LAND. We are also setting up a professional training program on the metaverse, NFTs and web3 that will be available very soon as virtual courses inside our Meta Mall in Decentraland and in person (in our offices in France).





Team Size

Small Studio


English, French

Payment Methods

Crypto, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal

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