Rizk Ghazaly
3D Modeling
Capable of creating objects and spaces ready to be placed in a Decentraland scene. Such as art galleries, various buildings and parkour courses.
Venue Rental
White-label customizable venues to host events. Live-streaming, POAP machines and NFT gated experiences are the main services that every Venue should have available.
Land Rental
Land owners offering a place to locate your experience in Decentraland's Genesis City.
Emote Design
Emotes are animation sequences for avatars’ skeleton bones.
Wearable Design
3D Modeling skills to produce a wearable under the acceptance criteria of Decentraland's DAO Curators Committee. Such us hats, t-shirts and full-body skins.
White-label customizable billboards to display advertisement in different scenes of Genesis City.

"Welcome to Metarizk Studio, led by architect Rizk Ghazaly, who holds a master's degree in Bio-digital Architecture. Since 2019, we've been designing stunning spaces in Decentraland, building over 500 lands and winning more than 10 prizes in the Metaverse. Our studio has helped brands like RealMissNFT, Goatz, and Lottie London, and we're honored to be the official Architect of District X, one of the largest districts in Decentraland. We specialize in creating unique and boundary-pushing experiences in the decentralized world, and we're excited to bring your project to life. Contact us to learn more."


Latin America


Costa Rica

Team Size

Small Studio


English, Spanish, Arabic

Payment Methods

Crypto, Wire Transfer, PayPal

I first got introduced with Rizk after I was asking for help in the Decentraland 'Hiring' channel. He messaged me and was asking me how he could help with my project. From then, I have been very pleased with the work and the integrity and professionalism demonstrated by Rizk. One project he has helped me built is the 3x3 Mad Meerkat Treehouse scene (completed but will be deployed in time).
Carl Fravel
Applied Talent / Conference Center / Aetheria
I have worked with Rizk on a number of DCL projects over the last several years. He has world-class architectural design, scene-building and modelling capabilities. He has won several scene design contests, well-deserved. I plan to use his skills, and collaborate with him on his scenes, into the future. You will be very happy with his work and professionalism.
Hendrik-André Rootering (Oscom)
I worked with Rizk across 10+ projects on the Sandstorm platform with several different clients & virtual worlds. I can highly recommend his work. He always delivers with high quality, is very reliable & open to feedback / revisions if necessary. I am & will work with him again.
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