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Voxel Architects is one of the first metaverse-native architecture studios, committed to designing stunning virtual structures and experiences in the leading virtual worlds. Founded in 2020, and with over 100 projects in their portfolio, Voxel Architects helped artists, brands, and companies such as ConsenSys, Metamask, Sotheby's, Auroboros, Real Vision and Tom Sachs, among many others. No matter the size and the difficulty of the project, Voxel Architects will build it.





Team Size

Large Studio


Rumanian, English, Spanish

Payment Methods

Crypto, Wire Transfer

Aman Shah
Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory
Voxel Architects provide high quality work in Metaverse and 3d design. It has been a great experience working with their team. They have been particularly helpful in translating the design process of more traditional art studios into impactful metaverse experiences. The Rocket Factory is proud to continue our partnership with Voxel for our upcoming metaverse project The Final Frontier.
Colby Mugrabi
mmERCH/Minnie Muse
The Voxel Architects team is fantastic. Not only were they incredible to work with on a skillset and execution level, but they have a tremendous desire to push boundaries through new and exciting ideas, which was a match made in heaven. I can't wait for our next collaboration!
Zorro Xeth
Working with Voxel Architects was a pleasure! They're the leading digital architecture studio and their attention to detail, creativity and technical expertise are second to none. Their team was professional and responsive, possessing a deep understanding of the Decentraland platform and its capabilities. Highly recommend VA for anyone looking to create a unique and immersive virtual experience!
VoxelArchitects has been behind some of the greatest early metaverse builds in web3 and continues to push the boundaries in their current work. I have personally worked alongside of them with the construction of the TokenSmart Amphitheatre, TokenSmart Lounge, Metalympic Campus, as well as several other projects.
Alissa Aulbekova and Paula Sello
With their expertise and skills, Voxel Architects enabled us to successfully realize our vision and capture the aesthetic of our brand, helping us to create a visually exciting and immersive Metaverse Fashion Week venue to host Auroboros x Grimes in Decentraland.
Bill Lee
VA did an incredible job on my metaverse project. They were timely, on budget, and even went above and beyond time-wise to make sure I was 100% happy with my projects. Leandro is also super connected in the metaverse community and was even able to help me find the best parcels through key introductions. I highly recommend them.