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The Bluetower print was the material of choice for our first digital collection, which we used to make this incredibly unique maxi raincoat. The Seamm x Clear to Rain collaboration aims to challenge traditional concepts of clothing and weather and to reframe the world in a true and authentic way. Clear to Rain's vision is to design clothing that instills a sense of security and self-assurance in the wearer, thereby enabling them to express their authentic selves with bravery, ease, and a clear mind. This is done by developing a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of nature and the wearer and gaining a greater appreciation for the impact that our surroundings have on our feelings. This limited drop can be worn in different worlds, including physical reality as well as video games and metaverses. In real life, the raincoat is unisex, features distinctive shoulder epaulets, and the shell is made from an eco-friendly, biodegradable, waterproof material. A digital version is also available for avatars. Wear it, and be a trendsetter in all dimensions.

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