Blade Runner - Futuristic Chinatown
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This 1x1 scene is inspired by my favorite movie Blade Runner. It was created within a week for the Sandstorm DCLContest #7

Objective My personal challenge was to create a scene with approximately 5000 triangles. So you still have place to populate it later with your personal items. To save on triangles I experimented allot with layering flat textures on top of each other to simulate objects without actually modeling them in 3D. You can see this technique on the neon Lights and the giant Letters standing on the roof reading YUKON

Billboard / TVs As this scene was required to work without code, I couldn't stream a video to the billboard. So I had to play around with alternative animation techniques. In the end I figured out, that you can have three planes moving back and forth to create the illusion of a video. If you set up the plane revealing itself at an angle you get this very cool looking effect of an image gradually building up.

Steam I don't know why, but I fell in love with the stylized pixelated steam. Together with a rotation it is very convincing.

Book / Sheep As a homage to the book Blade Runner is based on "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick, you will find the book inside the building and a sheep replicant on the roof that Deckard took care of.

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