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Calaverse is a celebration of Mexican and Latin American culture to commemorate and remember the beings that passed to another plane.

With this event in Decen-traland we want to continue betting on Latin American culture and its arrival on the blockchain and the metaverse. These forms of entertainment are ways to reach out to the community and make it connect with the wave of Web3.

The team is solid and is made up of people with great experience in the areas of production in the metaverse, music and art. After having organized the Festiverse, which was the first Ibero-American music and art festival in the metaverse, CMTV is back with three days of partying with music, games, NFT art and traditional Mexican culture.

It's about three days of partying in Decentraland where we're all equal: during these three days you won't know how to differentiate between the living or the dead, dancing to the rhythm of moombahton, electronic cumbia and hip hop.

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Project image
An independent team supported by Decentraland's DAO maintains this project.
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