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Mountain Dew (Mtn Dew) knocked our door via their partners NYXL in its desire to keep innovating and “be” in the trend. The company landed in the Metaverse through the Decentraland patform with a big launch party making it happen at the same time their e-sports team NY Subliners was playing the Call of Duty League Finals. They were looking for a space that screams Mtn Dew! and we helped them making their dreams come true.

The project was inspired by the metaversification of NY, LA and Tokyo vibes in one place with the absolut presence of the Mtn Dew brand. The place had to feel fresh, international and for the community. The exterior design remembers of an advertising billboard as Times Square one and all the building was oriented towards the enjoyment of the event space.

Mtn Dew wanted to bring people to the space and have a good time. For this reason, two quests were created oriented towards Web2 and Web3 users. In addition, we also implementad a NPC pigeon character to guide the users trough the quests and helping them emploring and explaining the content.

On the other hand, a customized 6 wereables collection was developed to great the quests participants users. Together, they give a full Call of Duty appearance to every avatar, made up of:

  • Jetpack
  • Kaiju Red
  • Helmet
  • uBody
  • IBody
  • Feet

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