Automatic Slims
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The first cannabis marketplace in the Metaverse

Blockticity was looking to develop the first cannabis Laboratory and Retail store experience in the Metaverse. Educating people about consumption and responsible use. Bringing new brands to showcase their digital and physical products, and also to digital creators around the cannabis industry.

‍This building design is inspired by the American 70’s culture. The walls of the building are covered with eclectic images with lots of memories and accesories that tell us about the true stories from this period’s iconic musical styles. A 4 story building that showcases some of Googie inspiration with lots of neon lights that remember of Slims culture.

We created very close representations about the processes of marijuana in all its phases, built around 12 different spaces with different purposes and created an engaging experience with cool branded rewards.

The company goal was to teach users about THC and Hemp products. So we developed a quiz game and a quest that leads players through learning experiences treating them with some customized rewards:

  • P.O.T. Head
  • Rocket Pack
  • P.O.T. Head T-shirt ‍ Marketplace:

We also had an apperture speech with their team and run a Twitter giveaway. We had more than 1.3k attendees in the launch party. We enabled a safe space in the metaverse for the use of cannabis.

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