Santander X
about this project

The building was focused on the streaming of the final event ceremony 'Global Challenge: Blockchain & Beyond'. The main point of the design was the video streaming screen, which needed all the attention for the occasion. The building acts as an informational gallery about Santander X, allowing people to ind more information about their project.

The building aesthetics maintain the original colors of the brand, and using simple forms such as cubes, we achieved a fun and beautiful space to stream events, in a small plot of just 1x1. You can spot different key elements from their offices and website, althought we've added our special touch! In addition, we made a spot to showcase the Santander X wearable that was airdropped to the attendants. We also find a spot for their social media and another one for the diploma they delivered to the winner.

Rewarding users is one of the main points to engage with the experience, they are very desirable tokens in Decentraland. For this call to action, we created two wearables in one that acted like souvenirs.

Media exposure: Santander | Mit Labs