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Polygonal Mind's mission was to create a big multiplayer experience in the metaverse which gathers people, NFT communities, players and web3 newbies to enjoy the competition and get rewarded. The answer to this request was Megacube, a long lasting collaborative experience to discover what's inside the cube. We've already reached two editions and we're going to launch the third one on 2023.

Megacube is a gigantic cube composed of smaller cubes that have to be mined one by one until de core is reached. The big cube features many layers, like an onion, representing NFT projects and NFT artists. Players could find juicy NFT and ERC-20 rewards from sponsors and artists mining the cube.

The goal was to gather as many users as possible to enjoy our event so we developed a multiplayer mining game pleasing them with rewards and funny experiences:

  • Awesome rewards: more than $500k in prizes in the 2nd edition.
  • Entertaining area composed by sponsor booths, NFT galleries, VDJs, wearable machines and more.
  • The first player to mine the last cube gets 1 rewards from every sponsor and special prizes. Read the statement from the winner of the 1st Megacube here.
  • For the 1st edition we sent over 10 Chromie Squiggles.

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Media exposure: NFT Plazas | Play to Earn | Metaverse Insider

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