Polygonal Mind HQ 2.0
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As a creative development studio and leading builder in the Metaverse, it's obvious we should have our own headquarters within it. Our idea was to design and build a space where users can find us, along with our main works in one place, while showcasing all our capabilities. And to provide a meeting point within our community, in which we can celebrate events and host those for our partners.

The building design is inspired in our brand and how our studio looks alike in the Metaverse. We use it as a brand materialization place where some of our most relevant projects are displayed. Visitors can learn and enjoy whay Polygonal Mind does for a living and come to our events. Users can move around our 5 different spaces through portals that ship the users into the space they choose to know. This was the real challenge, to store 5 different buildings in the same space.

We have 4 different slopes inside the company that are shown in our HQ:

  • CryptoAvatars space: a space related to our avatar platform where users can land into our CryptoAvatars HQ.
  • Lowpoly Store: our wearables store, where users can explore and buy items from our clients and own collections.
  • NFTesp: the e-learning side of our company. Users can learn about the NFT culture in Spanish.
  • Metaverse Builder: our buildings portfolio where users can admire what type of Metaverse works we have made along our Pledges work.

Learn more: https://www.polygonalmind.com/

Media exposure: NFT Plazas

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