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From our Polygonal Mind sub-brand Metaverse Builder, we created a unique NFT collection which gave the owner a special submission of developing a whole estate of lands by only buying one of our NFTs from the Wondertech Pledge collection. We already developed 6 spaces inder this initiative in platforms such as Decentraland.

For some time we released limited amount of Pledges to build around the Metaverse. These tokens let buyers to build something exclusively tailored, starting the building process along with us during 1 month, where we'd push his idea forward into a fully functional virtual space in the Metaverse. We provide 6 months of maintenance for each building. Each building was tokenized once its completion, providing the owner with new possibilities afterwards.

Along with our time commitment, we also provided extra value to the token owner:

  • The building, its structure, and every single object in the scene is tokenie as 1/1 token so you can own everything we produce.
  • Every NPC is tokenized as a CryptoAvatar.
  • We help you to launch your new place with a launch party event.
  • We document every inch of the project development, to also generate educational content.

Check the original collection here Check the tokenized building here

Lear more: https://www.polygonalmind.com/

Media exposure: NFT Plazas | NFTS.WTF

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An independent team supported by Decentraland's DAO maintains this project.
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