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The VRS marketing campaign takes place from September 24 to November 7, 2022.

We offer Meta Ads building and VRS Mall ad spaces for advertisers to display their ad creatives during the event.

Meta Ads land is located at the most high-traffic area of the Vendor Row B2B marketplace. Location: -91,33 : -75,12

Meta Ads solution involves using the DSP (Demand Side Platform) software that enables advertisers to automate ad event sales, manage their content, as well as gather ad campaign statistics to target their ads in the future.

Ad Space Advertisers can choose whether to display their content on the Meta Ads building main screen, on the ad spaces inside the building or, display it on three available VRS Mall screens located in the high-traffic area. All of the screens support naked-eye 3D technology.

What was done:

  1. created a quote for advertisers - Read More
  2. sent out to clients and received 6 advertisers
  3. conducted the eve and received additional profit at the expense of monetization of advertising planes due to advertising

Meta Ads Use Case VRS Mall - Read More

Statistics VRS Mall - Read More

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