Casadei - Blade Runner Scene
about this project

PROJECT OVERVIEW: A large-scale project dedicated to Casadei’s offline fashion event. A big scene, consisting of exterior and interior, was created in Decentraland. Visual cyberpunk concept of 6 spaces refers to the movie “Blade Runner 2049”. An impressive collection of 1000 linked wearables was also created as a part of the project. Wearables were linked to corresponding PFPs, so every owner of PFP got his unique Wearable in Decentraland.

PURPOSE / GOALS: Design: to create a part of Blade Runner City in 6 spaces. Each space has a direct stylistic reference to one of the scenes in the film. 3D team provided the whole-range service: from concept development, selection of references to 3D modelling and animation.

TECHNICAL: To create the first Linked Wearable collection. Dev team created a special script to optimise the process of generating 1000 wearables, based on the existing PFP collection. Also the special code and API were created to make wearables linked to PFPs.

RESULTS: Casadei Blade Runner Scene was launched on September 22 2022. The scene was also shown to the public during an offline Casadei event through the Oculus. Our team created: 6 scenes, 1 NPC with animation, 1000 linked wearables. Swap-avatar function was implemented.