Kraken NFT Gallery
about this project

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Kraken NFT HQ launch was dedicated specially to Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival. The scene, floating in the air, consisted of exterior and two interior spaces. The eternal Gallery where NFT eternally changed each other was a core of the scene. To provide the eternal changing of NFTs (infinite NFT gallery space) the special code was written and implemented. PURPOSE / GOALS: Design: to create an impressive, vibrant scene full of light with a futuristic atmosphere, animated objects and interactive elements. All concepts of the scenes were first created by 2d artists specially for this project.

Technical: to create an eternal Gallery

RESULT: Kraken NFT HQ was launched on 10th November 2022. The scene consists of exterior space with animated objects and two portals. Interior spaces are: NFT Gallery and Party room with emote dancing zone.