Mantle HQ - scene and wearables modeling
about this project

Step into AssetMantle HQ base station, where every detail has been meticulously designed by me in collaboration with GlitchNFT Studios.

From 3D models of buildings and small assets, to the unique wearable designs, every aspect of the scene has been expertly created to immerse visitors in the experience. Join us till Febuary 2023, at Decentraland coordinates 123,130 to explore the scene and appreciate the level of craftsmanship that went into creating it.

The Mantle HQ offers a variety of interactive experiences for visitors to enjoy. Explore the two floating galleries that showcase the latest in NFT art and digital creations, or visit the main hub building which serves as an information center and features a gallery on the first floor. Be sure to stop by the kiosk for a unique presentation of wearable designs and don't miss the VIP vault room where you can enjoy a slice of pizza with your new friends. The Mantle HQ virtual scene has something for everyone to enjoy.