Avis - The Biggest (Giant) Soccer Jersey in Decentraland
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We provided services for purchasing the relevant parcel/area in Decentraland in line with the brand's needs. We ensured the tailor-made implementation of all purchasing and integration processes of the seven parcel/area in -111,10 coordinate we named "Otokoç Metazone."

We executed the entire design of all structures and experiences, 3D modeling, and the implementation of all detailed works. Avis become the first brand in the World to launch jerseys on Metaverse!

Avis, Fenerbahce's new season jersey, was introduced with the biggest jersey made in Metaverse, which we built in Decentraland – Otokoç Metazone. We created a giant structure in Decentraland that can be seen from afar.

For the first time in the World, the jersey of a sports club has been implemented in the form of a building in the Web 3.0 world. This jersey is the largest ever made in Metaverse. In addition, a sports club launched a jersey in Metaverse for the first time in Turkey.

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