BluTV - The World's First Metaverse Museum Of A TV Show (Behzat Ç.)
about this project

BluTV is Turkey's most popular subscription-based video-on-demand streaming platform and production company. And "Çekiç ve Gül: Bir Behzat Ç. Hikayesi" is also one of the most popular TV shows in Turkey, which is a classic.

In Decentraland, we created The World's First Metaverse Museum Of A TV Show, consisting of items and objects identified with the lead character of this series, "Behzat Ç." for BluTV.

We launched the new season of the TV series with the world's first TV series museum, which we created at the coordinates of Decentraland -120, -45. Visitors of the museum could interact with the avatar specially designed for Decentraland.

Visitors could also watch the series preview, published exclusively just for Metaverse.