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Golfcraft, a well-known social arcade game in Decentraland, was planning to update and improve all of its visual assets, including its logo and 3D models for the building. In order to achieve this, a partnership-collaboration was planned between both Polygonal Mind and Golfcraft teams to give the project a unique aesthetic that aligns with its vision and enhances its value.

We were inspired by the solar-punk architectural style, which is based on open spaces so that users would not feel confined to a single area. We also drew inspiration from the world of golf, such as the textures of the golf balls, the pennants, and the characteristic steel of the golf clubs. As a result, we designed a first floor that serves as an onboarding area for users with tutorials. Other floors are dedicated to things like crafting materials, the minigolf game itself with its competitions between users and even an exclusive wearables exhibition.

We thought about how to make a virtual golf experience as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Thus, in the building, you can find information points with tutorials, as well as screens that allow you to see your score and that of other users, as well as buttons that guide you through the navigation. We also designed a floor dedicated exclusively to showcasing cool golf wearables. Users can buy them by earning points by playing this mini-game and competing with other users.

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