Polygonal Mind Spaces
about this project

At the end of 2022 Polygonal Mind changed its branding and summing up about our last works, we decided that we would need a special place that would reflect all our efforts, performance and innovation in the last times. That’s when Polygonal Mind HQ 3.0 was born, a cool building where our best projects and brand awareness were shown.

It’s a 3-floor building inspired by our new branding, the importance of teamwork and the level of quality achieved in our work, in addition to our characteristic secrecy. The space Is designed for users to enjoy the brand projects and creator team, entertaining streaming, events and join activities. The interoperability is one of the main goals since there are portals which can take users to other Polygonal Mind’s realms -in Decentraland, Hyperfy , Spatial or other metaverses.

For the inauguration of our Decentraland HQ we organised an opening party that included a streaming of our CEO and part of our team welcoming the users, plus a music session by DJ Bufalo. Attendees were rewarded with an exclusive wearable, while those who completed the record-breaking arcade mini-game we developed had the chance to discover hidden secrets.

Learn More: https://www.polygonalmind.com

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