MVFW 23 - Organic Origins
about this project

Metaverse Fashion Week took place in Decentraland with Polygonal Mind and Threedium partnering up to replicate last year's success. This year's theme, Organic Origins, blended nature and fashion for a unique and innovative design. Our exceptional design and development skills were showcased with a stunning fashion avenue hosting a variety of brands, including Clarks, Forbes, Illuminated by Polygonal Mind, Envied FutuR, CryptoAvatars, and Threedium. We also built fashion booths that complemented the theme and overall aesthetic, resulting in a "green" landscape that is striking at any time of day.

This 8x8 plot of land has 7 fashion booths, which are categorized as bronze, silver, or gold. Each booth has different screens and wearables on display. The booths have the same exterior design, but each has its own brand colors. Except for Clarks, which has a unique Arcade-inspired design. The space is designed for users to explore, play games, and get the latest fashion for their avatars. We also organize keynotes about fashion to entertain and educate people about the metaverse and digital fashion.

At Metaverse Fashion Week '23, we kept the fashion venue focused by creating two games: Treasure Hunt and Bubble Pop, where players could win fashion-themed prizes. We also had a streaming screen for talks and DJ sessions. Participants who completed the games received an exclusive wearable collection: Organic Seoul with two gender-adaptable skins.

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