Oktoberfest 2022
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Our team desired to organize an event of our own and fun for the Decentraland community as October approached. The idea originated from our wish to create the "Chicken Dance" as an emote and give it away during a suitable event: Oktoberfest. Furthermore, this celebration had never been held in any metaverse before, and we aimed to be the first ones to do so. We brought to life a globally recognized event to make it accessible in Decentraland, and we strived to make the experience as realistic as possible.

We began by designing the space, recreating a typical Oktoberfest tent. We also used as decorations the beer and typical festival foods such as pretzels and sausages that surrounded all the space. We created a photocall recreating the “Dirndl” where users could take funny pics of them dressed according to the theme.

We included a stage for concerts and designed two custom wearables:

  • An earring accompanied by a beer mug.

  • An Oktoberfest outfit available for both genders. ‍ As we mentioned before, we also designed and gave for free the “Chicken Dance” emote.

For this event, we developed two games that attendees could enjoy. The games were:

  • Stick Tower: users had to try to quit and relocate wooden sticks without letting the tower fall.
  • Beer knockdown game: users had to shoot down as many beers as possible, like a carnival shooting game. The prizes of the games were the two custom wearables designed for the occasion.

To accompany the event, we played music from virtual DJ Gucci Toe.

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An independent team supported by Decentraland's DAO maintains this project.
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