MVFW 23 - Tommy Hilfiger
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Get ready for the ultimate Tommy Hilfiger digital experience where the worlds of fashion and digital collide!

Our mission was to bring Tommy Hilfiger's iconic fashion to Decentraland for Metaverse Fashion Week once again. Tommy Hilfiger had a clear design and action plan in mind, and our mission was to transform their monolithic building into an eye-catching space where users can immerse into special collab world Tommy Hilfiger has just launched. To make their building an active point during Fashion Week, we developed an experience splitted into four parts, corresponding to the event's duration. This way users were encouraged to visit the building over four days, participate in different activities, discover various areas and earn rewards. We made it easy for visitors to get excited and understand how to make the most of the Tommy's Metaverse Fashion Week experience.

Tommy's space was located in the MVFW Luxury District and consists of a three-story building with a floating island situated on a 3x4 land plot. The building's exterior recreates their brand initials and its interior is adorned with Tommy Hilfiger's wall paint and branding, creating a cohesive and recognizable brand aesthetic. We also had the pleasure of creating a special Tommy Hilfiger x Vinnie Hager area. We designed the three areas depending on the day's event with one more new area being open to visitors per day. The locked areas had different interior branding and design, as well as custom quests. In every room, we added a new feature: a photobooth that allows users to share their best memories from every room.

For this project we developed a daily experience with four areas, each with its own activities:

  • Day 1: DessX Contest Launch and first puzzle to solve.
  • Day 2: VINNIE HAGER SPACE with special Vinnie Hager-designed puzzle.
  • Day 3: PEOPLE'S PLACE - Floating Island with a true treasure quest to win NFT artwork.
  • Day 4: DressX Winner Announcement. The experience included Tommy's digital wearables and free DressX team emotes. We encouraged users to take salfies inside he building and share them on social media with a custom Photobooth. There was also a social activation through a quest based on being the first player to solve the wallet adress puzzle and tweet it, which got a spectacular NFT artwork done by Vinnie Hager.

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