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Join the Tomb Chaser Egyptian treasure hunt adventure!

We developed an idea for a game based on a treasure hunt, inspired by a mini game from the first 3D Zelda game. Our conclusion was that the game should involve chasing a ghost through a series of traps and mazes, which would add excitement to the gameplay. We took inspiration from an adventure set in an Egyptian temple, where the only way to escape was to find the hidden treasure.

We have created a game set in a 5x5 area with multiple floors, inspired by a maze-like Egyptian dungeon inside a sacred pyramid. The game is located between the main Genesis Plazas in Decentraland. The narrow interior design makes it very challenging to reach to the final chamber, so players will need to make several attemps before completing it. Inside the building we have included details such as sand, torches, columns, mazes and multiple challenges that are in line with the theme of an Egyptian temple. The game's dynamic involves following an NPC who acts as a guide and must not to be lost sight of in order to complete the game. Any users who fails will be expelled and must start over.

The obstacles that players can encounter in the game include platform obstacles, times spikes, mini mazes, and decision obstacles. To make the game more enjoyable, we have developed some tests such as:

  • The ghost moves very quickly and skips almost all the obstacles, making it very difficult for players to follow.
  • If players lose the ghost they will be trapped and forced to leave the game.
  • If players cannot keep up with the ghost's speed, they will also be forced to leave the game. We have added scoreboards for participants to share their best results and lucky ones who make it to the end receive and NFT.


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An independent team supported by Decentraland's DAO maintains this project.
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