Art Revolution: Creating Art Inside Decentraland
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For MESH Art Fair July 2023

Thoughts on what you hope people will take away from this experience?

I genuinely hope that participants not only express their creativity but also find new friends and collaborators by working on this unique artwork together. This project is all about coordinating, communicating, and celebrating together.

Tell us about this groundbreaking project you're unveiling in Decentraland.

I'm launching a collaborative effort in Decentraland's history: a canvas where participants can craft the first-ever NFT art from within the Metaverse. This project is inspired by my nostalgic memories from playful sessions on Microsoft Paint, scribbling in college, and painting in university.

What motivated you to transform these memories into a digital realm initiative?

The thrill of creation always fascinated me. I wanted to offer a platform where passive observers become proactive artists. It's more than just a canvas; it's a space where participants can break boundaries, express their unique creativity, and collaborate in real-time.

It's intriguing how you mentioned crafting an NFT inside another NFT. Can you shed more light on this?

It's a unique proposition where the art created is an NFT residing within Decentraland, which itself is another NFT. It's a concept that challenges and extends the boundaries of traditional digital art.

Project image
Project image
Project image
An independent team supported by Decentraland's DAO maintains this project.
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