QuizZone 2.0
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Project description

The unique scene in Decentraland Metaverse, where users can come specially to play random and special quizzes on different topics. The style of American Diner from the 50-s was chosen as a main visual concept. Scene consists of two parts - exterior (Diner) and interior (Quiz-zone itself). Interior can be customized incase of Special events, festivals, collaborations with Brands.

Project goals

The main goal was to create a space/activity for the Decentraland community to get together. This is also a tool for DAPPCRAFT to build its own community and communicate with the community.

On the design side We have created a scene with distinctive design, the scene which will reflect the DAPPCRAFT's phylosophy and increase brand awareness.

On the tech side the space is created to provide a technical possibility to host different types of quizzes with text, images and audio.

QuizZone was launched in the end of July 2022. Many Seasons were held since July 2022.

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An independent team supported by Decentraland's DAO maintains this project.
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