Metaverse Fashion Week '22
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We developed the design of the streets for the Fashion district: roads, pavement and majority of elements around the buildings. The task was to recreate the vibes of famous European shopping streets with cute trees and flowers in pots, benches and lamps. We did 2 options: for day & night mode.

Teleport. We created an asset that helped players to visit the lands of all Fashion week participants. A player came up to the teleport, saw buttons of the fashion week partners and went to the chosen destination.

This is a set of projects carried out simultaneously.

RARIBLE: DAPPCRAFT created wearable sneakers released by Rarible at Fashion week.

GUO PEI: DAPPCRAFT developed 7 virtual copies of the most iconic dresses of chinese couturier and the interior of 4 rooms in Guo Pei boutique in Fashion district. Guo Pei is famous for bespoke designs, embroidery and refined prints, we are proud to recreate all the elements as close to original versions as possible (as Decentraland limits allow)

SOPHIA THE ROBOT: we created a unique skin (a wearable from head to toy) for Sophia the robot. It was the first time a humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics entered Decentraland.

JACOB & CO: We developed virtual copies of 5 watches from the famous Astronomia collection; the copies were displayed in Jacob&Co space during the fashion week. It was the first time we did “jewelry work” and it was quite a new very exciting experience we are proud of.

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