Blue Male Unicorn Wearable
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-- Its A Part Of Meta Sports Wearable Bundle Of 2 Unicorns --

Transform into a magnificent blue stallion, your muscles rippling beneath a coat the color of the twilight sky. Wings of stardust unfurl as you stride toward the starting line, a shimmering trail marking your path. This isn't just a costume; it's a declaration of strength, speed, and a touch of otherworldly charm.

Embrace the power of the stallion:

Dazzling cerulean: Your coat shimmers with an ethereal blue, catching the neon glow of Decentraland in every stride. This isn't just a horse; you're a creature of myth and magic.

A crown forged in starlight: Atop your head rests a regal crown, crafted from constellations and stardust. Each gem reflects the power coursing through your veins.

A stride built for victory: Feel the power in your muscular legs, clad in sleek, aerodynamic armor that whispers of the wind whistling past your hooves.

A mane born of nebulae: Your mane isn't just hair; it's a cascading torrent of cosmic energy, swirling with vibrant hues like a miniature galaxy.

More than just a costume, the Cosmic Champion is a transformation. It's a chance to become a celestial force, leaving the crowds breathless as you thunder down the 100m track. Wear it with pride, for you are a hero of the metaverse, a champion forged in the fires of stardust.

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