Monkey and the Moon
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This meditative experience was part of Decentraland Wellness Week 2024. It is inspired by Buddhist Zen stories and the artworks of Japanese painter Ohara Koson (1877 – 1945).

  • Total playtime: ~20 minutes
  • Players could collect a Levitating Meditation emote pose.
  • All characters in this scene are voiced by professional actors.

This scene is divided into three sections. First, you are greeted by a raccoon (Tanuki) that invites you to perform some calming exercises, in which you have to arrange the Zen pebble gardens.

Then, you explore the cave and find a frog Zen master who wants to conduct a tea ceremony with you. But first, you have to gather the ingredients for the tea.

In the last section on the mountain top, you will meet a monkey that is sitting in a tree above a pond, which reflects the moon's reflection. The monkey asks you to touch the moon's reflection because it is confusing it with the real moon. Of course, the reflection disappears in the pond's ripples as soon as you touch the still water surface.

This is your segue into the meditation practice. With a 5-minute guided meditation, you reflect on the true nature of the thing you are trying to chase and whether you are even looking in the right direction.

After you successfully get enlightened, you are rewarded with a levitating meditative emote pose, which gets airdropped into your backpack.

„But tell me, did you look the right way, Or did the reflection lead you astray?“

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