Mr. & Mrs. Silk
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The Deadliest Duo you've ever seen has arrived!

Operating under the name of Her Britannic Majesty, this husband and wife duo act covertly to uncover information of global importance, often finding themselves embroiled in intricate and dangerous political scenarios.

Seductive but lethal, Mrs. Silk is the pragmatic component of the duo. A secret agent who, where she can, favours a cautious and discreet approach, using her charm on opportune occasions and her Walther PPK in more complex situations.

Mr. Silk, on the other hand, is more direct and does not like to lose himself in unnecessary discussions. When the situation permits, he prefers to settle matters with his hands in some barroom brawl or by opening fire without much thought. Fortunately, his wife is there to keep him at bay, preventing their every mission from turning into a disaster.

This is the data I was able to find. It's not much, but I think it might be enough. The rest of the information is in their files. Pay close attention, Agent, to these two!

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Project image
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