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Many stories circulate around St Patrick's Day and its myth.

The most famous is that of the 'expulsion of the snakes' from Ireland, according to which St Patrick drove these creatures into the sea. The truth, however, is different and explains the symbol that stands out on the flags of this holiday.

Old wise men tell that, during a dark and stormy night, a flying saucer came from the sky, bringing with it a clover with unique properties. When the plant came into contact with a dented old barrel, the bad weather subsided and a bizarre alien sprite came to life from the barrel.

This strange being decided to leave a trace of his passage on Earth by means of a huge pot containing the Greatest treasures of the Universe. Fascinated by the rainbow that now streaked across the sky above him, the goblin chose this as the reference point for finding his reward.

He spread the news among the wise men of the cities, expecting this tale to be handed down to future generations.

Doesn't that sound incredible?!

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