Guilded Gamers Headoffice
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Guilded Gamers Headoffice in DCL designed by me for the OG Guilded Gamer NFT’s which they are a collection of Zombie Gamers raised from the dead to reunite with their Gamer Crew to wreak havoc in the Metaverse & beyond.

Owning a OG Guilder Gamer NFT entitles the holder to the following benefits:

*One free mint from the Guilded Gamers official collection when we launch. *Access to the GG OG Chat in Discord launching soon. *A free Guilded Gamers Hoodie or Sweatshirt on release of our merch *OG GG free partner NFT airdrops

Twitter: @GuildedGamers OpenSea: Guilded Gamers OG Collection Discord:

The building got wrapped as NFT on Opensea:

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