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Mad Meerkat is inspired by the cheeky nature of the loveable rogues, By immortalizing 777 of these adventurous and undaunting critters on the Ethereum blockchain, each Genesis Mad Meerkat grants you the absolute ownership of your NFT, and backs you as an entrant to the wholly owned Burrow.

The burrow reimagined in @decentraland, Released the MAD DCL Experience soon. This will be:

  • Announcement centre
  • Community Members PFP Display
  • Portal to our other experiences (Burrow/treehouse)
  • Our hub essentially. We will continue to improve on this, since its just the beginning . When we open, hop on with your DCL MMB assets.

Mad MeerKat NFT Website👉🏾

Mad Meer Kat Twitter👉🏾 / madmeerkatnft

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An independent team supported by Decentraland's DAO maintains this project.
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